Protective batfamily x replaced reader lemon wattpad 3K 26 1. James "Bucky" Barnes & Peter Parker. it was another normal day for y/n being a loner he didn't have many friends he could hang out with after school but on a seemingly normal day everything changes as he is. Maybe she tells him,but they'll find a lot of problems in their love life. . Cold Blood (Completed) by Anne Ancient. bleach, naruto. malechildreader. I heard screaming and it. This request is from gryphus-1. I'm sixteen years old and I have been diagnosed with depression. 7K 2. Cinder x shy male reader lemon. . All eyes fall on you. A markiplier x reader. Jason understands the feeling of being abandoned and betrayed by someone you love all too well. . He's always hit for his timidity too. Browse. . Jason understands the feeling of being abandoned and betrayed by someone you love all too well. Sort by: Hot. Batfamily (DCU) Protective Batfamily (DCU) Batfamily Shenanigans (DCU) Batfamily-centric (DCU) Domestic Batfamily (DCU) Batfamily Dynamics (DCU) Original Female. Raging Seas (Discontinued) 67. 238 Stories. This one is for you honey! cocosaccount. You try to answer, but the moment the first sound leaves your lips, you feel like you lost all air in your lungs. # 1. Love and Loyalty (Batman x Reader) by Linnéa. . " He said. +15 more. Do it now. All eyes fall on you. Adventure. Read Salem x dominant male reader lemon from the story Rwby various x male reader by NewDeath01 (Death) with 28,184 reads. My Name is Alexis Kane. . # 1. (Y/N): the two of you weren't bad yourselves. 𝙄𝙉 π™’π™ƒπ™„π˜Ύπ™ƒ two sex deprived teenagers meet online receiving an instant click from each other e. Alfred POV. He does not need anything else to happen. 9K 3. . bat family x middle child! reader. genshinimpactxoc. After finding happiness in Camp Half-blood, Nico di Angelo is once again ripped out of his old life. . You're Katrina's best friend and she has invited you to spend a month at the traphouse. .
You are the former SHSL Cosmetologist, married to the former SHSL Outlaw Biker. Taken [Currently being re-written] 8 parts. 2K 90. Walking over to the bedside table, I pulled out a dagger. . . # 1. . . These are imagines about the batfamily and the reader that I made myself. On the floor was Jason, sprawled out on his back, with Dicks foot resting on his face. bxb. . This one is for you honey! cocosaccount. . Your pov. Platonic Yandere Batfamily x Reader that has hallucinations about their family. I asked, Jason captured my lips and carried me to our bedroom without breaking the kiss, he placed me down on the bed and hovered over me, "God, I missed you," Jason breathed out and kissing me again, I pulled his jacket off and felt his solid pack, "I missed you too," I murmured kissing him again. 1K 242. . ro. Batfamily (DCU) Feels; Domestic Batfamily (DCU) Batfamily Shenanigans (DCU) Batfamily Angst (DCU) Caring Batfamily (DCU) Batfamily Bonding (DCU) Summary. 9K 3. KomaHina Lemons by Kaoru Hitachiin. Read tiny batfamily X reader X tiny superfamily from the story batman family by 444Lin888 (sorry i snapped-) with 5,909 reads. 1k) In Love Triangle, #5 In Batfam, #1 In Tim Drake x Reader, #1 In Red Hood x Reader, #1 In Dc x Reader, #9 In Batboys, #2 In Nightwing x Reader, #4 In. 2K 90. . If a. . . mattheoriddlexreader. You're adopted I guess by Bruce, you're loved by all the Batboys minus Terry since he's not born yet. .

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